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Spot Pro Portable Spotting Extractor

Spot Pro Portable Spotting Extractor




With the Spot Pro hand held extraction cleaner you can virtually eliminate set up time and start cleaning immediately. This self contained unit holds its own rinsing solution and stores its recovered waste water, all in a unit you can easily carry with one hand. When you finish your cleaning, just dump the waste into a sink or toilet and you’re done– and what a convenient opportunity to show the customer the dirty wastewater confirming the effectiveness of your cleaning! Wrap up the Spot Pro’s cord and you’re off to the next job.

Model Dimensions: Height 43 cm, Length 48 cm, Width 25 cm
Weight: 7.5 kilos
Solution Capacity: 7.6 litres
Pump: 55 psi
Vacuum: 2-stage 840 watt 
Wand / Hand Tool: 9cm / 3.5”
Hoses: 2.5m / 8ft


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